Eliminate fat and contour your body with non-surgical, non-invasive CoolSculpting® treatment.

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What is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is the latest in fat-freezing technology made to eliminate fat for good, almost anywhere on your body. This handheld device puts the control of your body back in your hands. No surgery and little to no downtime is required. This fat reduction treatment is the only FDA-cleared procedure to use controlled cooling to safely target and eliminate resistant fat. Results are proven, noticeable, and lasting.

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.


How It Works

CoolSculpting® is backed by proven science. When placed against your problem areas, this device freezes fat cells through a precisely controlled cooling mechanism. Once crystallized (frozen), these cells die and are then removed naturally by your body. The result is a more sculpted you without the need for surgery or other less reproducible treatment methods.

Many of us have stubborn fat despite diet and exercise.

Many of us have stubborn fat in different areas of the body where it's hard to get rid of despite diet and exercise.

CoolSculpting® technology uses controlled cooling to target and kill only these fat cells.

CoolSculpting® technology uses controlled cooling to target and kill only these fat cells.

In the weeks to follow, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells.

In the weeks to follow, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells.

CoolSculpting® procedure results are long term, as treated fat cells are gone for good.

CoolSculpting® procedure results are long term, as treated fat cells are gone for good.

Reshape your body with CoolSculpting

Reshape Your Body

The CoolSculpting® fat-freezing procedure is FDA-cleared to eliminate stubborn fat in many treatment areas, including:

Select an area to see results.

Before CoolSculpting in Meredith, NH


After Coolsculpting in Meredith, NH


what to expect

It’s easy to sit back, relax and say goodbye to stubborn fat. After we select the area(s) to be treated, the device is positioned on your body and controlled cooling is applied. During your procedure, you may choose to read, check your email, or even take a nap.

The CoolSculpting® fat freezing procedure is completely non-surgical, so you can typically return to work and normal activities with little to no downtime.

You will love what you see. In the weeks following your procedure, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, revealing a slimmer, more contoured figure.

what to expect
am i a candidate

am i a candidate?

The CoolSculpting® fat reduction procedure is specifically designed for those who have unwanted fat. Good candidates have noticeable bulges in certain areas they’d like to get rid of. Unlike gastric bypass surgery, the CoolSculpting® procedure is not a weight loss solution for people who are obese. It is, however a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Request a one-on-one consultation with us to determine if the CoolSculpting® procedure is right for you.

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

CoolSculpting® FAQs

How Much Does The CoolSculpting® Procedure Cost?

The price for CoolSculpting® procedures varies depending on your areas of concern, the number of sessions needed, and your ultimate goals. During your consultation, we will help create a customized treatment plan tailored to your body, your goals, and your budget!

How Long Is Each Session? How Many Sessions Will I Need?

We will create an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific goals. The length of your CoolSculpting® session will vary depending on the number of areas being treated during your visit. You may require additional sessions to reach your goals, which we will discuss during your consultation.

Where Does The Fat Go? Are The Results Permanent?

Once the treated fat cells are crystallized (frozen), your body processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells for good. This produces a long-lasting result.

What Does It Feel Like?

The treatment is very well-tolerated. You will experience a cooling sensation during the first few minutes, which dissipates as the area numbs. Most people are able to read, watch videos, work on their laptops, or even take a nap during their treatment.

Can I Return To Normal Activities After My Treatment?

You can return to normal activities immediately! CoolSculpting® procedures are completely non-surgical. Oftentimes, patients return to work after their CoolSculpting® session is over.

When Will I See Results?

You will start to see changes as early as three to four weeks after the treatment, and you can expect gradual and incremental improvements in the days and weeks to follow.

Do I Need To Take Special Supplements Or Follow A Strict Diet And Exercise Program?

No supplements or pills necessary! You do not have to adopt new diet and exercise habits. However, many patients feel more motivated to take care of themselves after their CoolSculpting® treatment.

What Happens If I Gain Weight Down The Road?

Many people, after seeing the results from their CoolSculpting® procedure, take even better care of themselves. However, if you do gain weight, you may gain it evenly all over your body, not just in the treated areas.

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